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Legacy Freak
Sims stuff. Sometimes.

Warnings: Language, mention of ho's, sluts, and hookers.

Meet Bryant Envy!Collapse )

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I finally started a new legacy yesterday! Hopefully I'll get enough pictures by tonight so I can post it soon. But to hold all of you excited people over *COUGH* here's a picture of the founder Bryant Envy.

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pictures of my two FC3 founder entriesCollapse )
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I know it's been a long time since I posted but here's an update on what's going on! If you haven't guessed it by now, the Youngbloods are dead. I had to unintstall my game because my computer is still stupid. BUT I installed the game again a few weeks ago and today I'm probably gonna start a new legacy. Hopefully this time, nothing will get in my way of making it to generation 4 10.
Also I wanted to do a legacy as a part of pixel trade, but alas, my stupid computer doesn't know what the heck a sims2pack is. Oh well :P
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Here's my entry for the challenge over at 






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Generation 1
Generation 2

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If you haven't read the prologue, I would highly recommend doing so. You can read it here.
Remember, this is a story where YOU get to choose what decisions the characters make. You won't know if the consequences will be good or bad though. So choose carefully.

Warning: Sexal situations

Should Larry and Carol adopt the little girl?


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What should Sharol do?

Continue to talk to John
Teach John a lesson

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Final generation two update! Time to choose heir!

Who should be heir Brenden Jasmine Bethany Lydia Todd


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 That's right, I'm actually gonna try to write a story. This is no ordinary story, however. A long time ago (over a year) I got this great idea that I could write a story, but with the help of YOU. Throughout the story, the characters will come to face hard decisions. I will ask you which choice they should make. You have no idea what the outcome(s) will be. You also won't know if the choice  you made will have an effect in the long run. I plan on doing this story through generations, but who knows. I forgot to take a picture for above the cut, oh well.

(WARNING: mild language)


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I have an idea for a story. I haven't come up with all the characters and everything yet but I'm thinking of doing a story where all of you will vote on what will happen. Kind of like chance cards. At the end of a chapter, there will be a poll asking what decision a character will make or something of the sort. You won't know what your choice will result in though until the next chapter. What do you think, is it a good idea? 

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