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Legacy Freak
Sims stuff. Sometimes.

I'm back with 5 more sims for you! There are CC and CC-free versions available.

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Warning: LOTS of pictures.

There are CC and CC-free versions of each sim available for download.

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I have two more sims for you to download. I felt like making a couple of teens since I always make adults, but there are adult versions available for download. There are CC and CC-free versions.

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This sim is for Pixel Trade's Person Below Me challenge (Alien edition). pink77punk requested "an extremely sad looking sim with small red eyes, sharp broken nose, fish-lipped, bald or little hair, who is shy and withdrawn."

And so Laraine Delora was born:

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I made seven more sims for you to download. As usual I have CC and CC-free versions of each sim. Hope you like them :)

Warning: Lots of pictures

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I'm not sure if she's my favorite because she's the first Sim I made in the Sims 3, or because of her traits, but I'm in love with her!

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I was bored and made three sims a few days ago, so I thought I'd share them with you.

WARNING: Lots of pictures
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will_o_whisper wanted a "a googly eyed sim with red hair, light skin, and a long face. Freckles are always a plus!"

So I introduce to you, Hector Gwyn!

Warning: There are quite a few pictures because I completely adore him!

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I hope you like him as much as I do!

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lil_pixiedevil asked for "a sim with brooding dark eyes, dark hair (brown or black, you choose) and a prominent jawline. Skintone is up to you ;)"

So I present to you, Orpheus Sullivan!

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I hope you like him :)

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This sim is for naughtydolphin, who said, "The person below me will make a man with a ridiculous nose, strangely coloured hair and eyes, and wickedly evil eyebrows."

Meet Blaine Burnett!

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Hope you enjoy Blaine :)

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